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Welcome to the frequently asked questions of Gazaille Genealogy
Why can't I see the genealogical data of living people?
Why can't I see data of dead people?
How to search the family tree?
How to see all pictures of the site?


2016-10-10 WE DO NOT offer automatic account registration anymore. Many people requested a member account in the past and did not use it or were inactive after one visit. From now on, if you want any information, you need to contact the administrator.

2016-10-10 NOUS N'OFFRONS PLUS l'enregistrement automatique de nouveaux comptes. Plusieurs personnes ont demandé un compte-membre par le passé et ne l'ont jamais utilisé ou sont devenus inactifs après une seule visite. Désormais, si vous désirez des informations, vous devez communiquer avec l'administrateur.

Welcome to the frequently asked questions of Gazaille Genealogy

We welcome all bearers of the name and allied families. We hope you will find here answers to your questions and useful details.

Why can't I see the genealogical data of living people?

The Law on Protection of Privacy of Quebec requires that all information of birth of a living individual is hidden under penalty of law (less than 100 years).

Consequently, this prevents fraudsters from stealing the identity of these people.

On the site Gazaille Genealogy, a birth information of a person may already be recorded but is hidden. We apply the extended privacy of "born in the last 100 years".

Why can't I see data of dead people?

It is possible that the person be deceased but that we did not record that information yet, therefore the software treats this individual as still being alive. If you would like details on a hidden person and deceased, please contact Jackie by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of the page.

How to search the family tree?

The Search feature of webtrees is very powerful, you can do a General, Advanced or Phonetic Search. We recommend you to search by the name of the spouse rather than the name Gazaille because the database contains many individuals of that name, all spellings mingled, so list them all may be very long. We recommend the Phonetic Search to see names with accents.

General search

General search allows you to search not only individuals but also families, sources, shared notes and associated (related) to this individual. Simply tick the appropriate checkboxes.

By default, the checkbox "Individuals" is ticked. Therefore, webtrees will list all people with the first name and the name entered in the search field. webtrees will not list names with accents. For example, if you entered "Angelique Gazaille" webtrees will not list individuals named "Angélique Gazaille" unless the individual is listed under several spellings, including the one entered in the search field.

Use the Phonetic search to see names with accents or if you do not know under which spelling the individual was recorded in the tree.

Please note that it is possible to only search by the first name, for example, you want to see all the "Julie", simply type in the search field, the name Julie. webtrees will list all instances containing the name "Julie" such like JULIEnne, JULIEt, etc.. If you tick the "Families" checkbox and enter the name "Julie" in the search field, webtrees will list the names of not only individuals, but also cities such as the city of Sainte-JULIE.

Below an example of the results of a search of an individual named Angelique Gazaille. This image contains other useful details to help you sort and reduce results.


The Advanced Search allows you to expand the research by offering a choice of multiple criteria and the ability to add additional fields. The Advanced search is useful when you are unsure of the spelling of a name, of the exact date, etc.. For example, you want to find an individual named "Joseph Gazaille," born about 1850, the first name of the mother is Marguerite. It is possible to tell webtrees that it must search for the "Exact", "Starts with", "Contains" or "Sounds like" name, and/or the "exact" date, ± 2 years, ± 5 years or ± 10 years. The images below show the power of the search function of webtrees.


By names

By date

Add fields

How to see all pictures of the site?

In the top Menu, select Lists, a sub-menu will open, then choose Media Objects. A new page will show up. In it, click on the button Search, webtrees will display all pictures available according to your status of visitor or member of the site.

Please note that visitors can't see all media objects of the site to respect the privacy of livings.

You can add a keyword in the field Filter before clicking the button Search, webtrees will display only images corresponding to the keyword. Keywords of the site are:

  • Photo (pictures of people)
  • Eglise (pictures of churches)
  • Pierre tombale (pictures of tombstones)
  • Baptême (images of baptismals)
  • Naissance (images of birth records)
  • Mariage (images of marriage records)
  • Décès (images of death certificates)
  • Sépulture (images of burial records)
  • Recensement (images of census documents)
  • Carte (images of maps and other cards)
  • WWI (images of documents related to the first world war)
  • WWII (images of documents related to the second world war)