Ambrose S Tetro + Agnes Campbell

2 children
Birth: June 18, 1910 23 25 Hudson, Québec, Canada
Death: December 14, 1985Québec, Canada
Birth: January 2, 1912 25 26 Montréal, Québec, Canada
Birth: June 19, 1886 28 24
Death: October 7, 1955Rigaud, Québec, Canada
Birth: January 16, 1858 35 38 Washington, Berkshire, Massachusetts
Death: April 9, 1931Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Birth: March 3, 1862 Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Death: April 12, 1917Salisbury, Litchfield, Connecticut
Birth: February 27, 1885Scotland
Death: May 18, 1970Hudson, Québec, Canada

Facts and events

Citation details: Registre Hudson, Methodistes, folio 5, Marriage

Ambrose Tetro, bachelor, laborer of the Village of Hudson, County of Vaudreuil, Province of Quebec and agnes Campbell, spinster of the aforesaid village, both being of the full age of twenty one years were married by me after Publication of Banns on the Eleventh day of October in the year of Our Lord ninetheen Hundred and nine in the presence of subscribing witnesses.
George D. Armstrong Minister
Witnesses: Ambrose Tetro Agnes Campbell William Neal Adalaide Victoria Dougan

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